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Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Course Description

In this class, we discuss the laws and the intent behind them. The student will understand the use of force and what to do if force is used. In addition, we will discuss the legal system and what to expect if we use force to defend ourselves.

Next, we learn how to handle and manipulate different firearms safely. We next on a shooting simulator with a realistic training firearm to learn the correct grip and stance and control of a firearm while shooting.

Lastly, we will go to the range and have a live-fire exercise. Firearms are provided by Sweet Arms LLC. In addition, our training staff and Safety Officer instruct the group for handling and training. Multiple firearms are available for the student to get a broad understanding of the handling and expectations of each type of firearm. 

Cost: $100.00

Range Fees ( $10 paid to the range) additional to be paid cash at the time of the class.


** 24 hour notice for cancelation required - $25 per student fee will be assessed for cancelation without 24 hour notice **

Course Curriculum

  • Firearms Laws and the Intent Behind Them

  • Use of Force and What to do if Force is Used

  • Handling & Manipulation of Different Firearms

  • Grip & Stance and Control of Firearms while Shooting



none required.


This is the state-required class to obtain your concealed weapon permit. (CWP)

Please bring current Florida Drivers License or State ID card with the correct information before beginning your class.


**All students must be 21 years of age

**All students must be legally allowed to train with firearms.

** Class deposits Non-Refundable

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