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Introduction to Pistol

Course Description

Introduction to Pistol is a one-hour classroom-based training program. Centered around your new firearm and how to use it safely. It is the perfect instruction for anyone new to handguns, their usage, or anyone considering buying their first handgun. This course is centered around safe gun handling and manipulation, loading and unloading the firearm, firearms function and components, proper maintenance, as well as safe storage of your firearm.

Cost: $75.00

Course Curriculum

  • Safe Gun Handling

  • Firearm Manipulation

  • Loading & Unloading

  • Firearms Components & Function

  • Proper Maintenance

  • Safe Storage


none required.


This is not the state-required class to obtain your concealed weapon permit. (CWP)

This is a classroom-based class. ( No Live Fire) 

-Minors may be allowed to train when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

please contact prior to training -

**All students must be legally allowed to train with firearms.

** Class deposits Non-Refundable

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